Gambling Games to Use for Team Building

Team building is all about trust and teamwork, but in any business setting, there will be competitive challenges where teams might be put against each other, and what is more competitive than a gambler against a casino?

Casino games can work wonders in any team building setting for team members to challenge each other. Team members can even take turns being the dealer or the gambler.

Famous casino games can be used by the team without the use of money, or the company can organise a casino hire to provide real gambling activities for the team.

Some of the casino games that are most popular among team building but might need the assistance of a casino hire are as follows.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is a casino game where large casino hires are not necessary, and it will put team members against each other. This classic casino game requires team members to bet on the strength of their cards while trying their best to hide their emotions. Poker is so challenging that it’s recently been used in artificial intelligence research.


A roulette game will put the whole company team against the house, which is a great way to enforce teamwork and the whole team hoping and trying their hand at the best possible outcome.


If you are not looking at getting any casino hires involved with the team-building effort, why not look at a legitimate UK online casino that provides live blackjack games? Griffon online casino provides a variety of live games, including Blackjack, where team members play against the live dealer and try to reach their goal either as a team or as individual players.

Whether you are looking to make fun eventing out of it or to just have a quick team-building session, among these games, there will be a game for any type of team-building event.