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We are a blog dedicated to team-building activities, events, and more. With the majority of businesses constantly looking for ways to improve productivity, we are dedicated to providing details on team-building initiatives, events and activities. With the rise in the popularity of team-building events and activities, we are constantly looking for more writers to join our team.

If you would like to share your knowledge on team building activities and advice on how team building can improve business, read further to find out how to join our team of writers.

What we Cover

We cover stories, advice, news, and articles on the most important aspects of team building and why it’s important to incorporate it into a business or any other team effort activity. With the majority of activities in team building involving trust and communication, we strive to release articles that detail how to improve on certain problems in team settings.

Any writers who are interested in joining the Tension Exit Game Blog should be able to guide readers in the right direction for achieving success in improving production and important team skills.


We are dedicated to only accepting writers with previous experience in team-building capabilities or knowledge of business and organising events. Great skills in the English language and UK residency are vital in being able to join our writing team.

As we are dedicated to only providing knowledgeable and true information to our readers, anybody wanting to write for this blog will need to prove their capabilities in writing information articles around what we cover.

As a team-building blog, we believe that a team in any setting, whether in business or in hobbies, should be able to communicate and trust each other, which should be visible in any writings on this blog.

How to Get Involved

You can contact Tension Exit Games for further information on how to get involved with our blog as a writer about team-building efforts in the UK and the importance it holds on business success.